400 Day Clocks

The 400-Day clocks are commonly called anniversary clocks because the key wound clocks are typically400-Day Anniversary Clocks in Hopkins, MN wound once per year. As a commemoration of a wedding anniversary, birthday, or other notable events, 400-day clocks are capable of lasting for many years and often become family heirlooms. Their slow and silent torsional pendulum adds dignity and grace to any room.

Mechanical 400 Day Clocks

Mechanical 400-Day clocks are no longer made, making servicing and repair of these clocks all the more important.  Blackstone Manor Clock Repair invites you to contact us when your 400-day mechanical clock needs a checkup, routine cleaning, minor repair, or even major rebuilding, as we can help.  Call us at 952-920-1300 or email info@blackstonemanorclockrepair.com for more information.

Battery Powered 400 Day Clocks

Battery-powered anniversary 400-day clocks are not servicable except for minor repairs.

We invite you to contact us when your 400-Day anniversary clock needs a checkup, routine cleaning, minor repairs, or major rebuilding. Call 952-920-1300 for information, or email us.