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Antique Clocks For Sale

Sales Floor View 1

We currently have over sixty previously loved clocks of all kinds on display in our sales area, and also a few original Kuempel clocks. Pictured are a portion of the wall clocks in our shop. We also have a large selection of grandfather clocks and mantel clocks to choose from. The following are only examples of what is available. Please email, call, or write if you are looking for a specific kind of clock, or come into our store and see what is in our inventory.

For Sale:

Many kinds of grandfather and grandmother clocks

Library clocks

Various vintages of Atmos clocks sold reconditioned and with a warranty

Selection of French clocks

400-Day clocks made by Kundo, Schotz and others sold reconditioned and with a warranty

Selection of tambour and other mantel clocks

Several inexpensive "project" clocks

Sales Floor View 2

See these clocks and more on our sales floor!

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